Fully Engaged C-Suite Team

Purdue’s commitment to partnering is clearly evident with a fully engaged C‑suite team led by new executive leaders who joined Purdue in 2014: Mark Timney, President & Chief Executive Officer; and Saeed Motahari, Chief Commercial Officer. They are transforming Purdue from a leader in pain medicine to a partner of choice for collaborating in the development and commercialization of innovative ideas to improve healthcare for patients who suffer from a range of disease states.

Mark Timney

Mark Timney

President & Chief Executive Officer

  • Joined Purdue in January 2014
  • Previously President of Merck
  • Past experience at Zeneca, ICI Pharmaceuticals, Roussel Labs

Our industry needs to sharpen focus, adapt to unprecedented changes in the healthcare environment, and better execute on partnerships and solutions that help solve health problems. With absolute clarity—of vision and of expectations—in Purdue’s commitment to partnering, we have built a new executive leadership team. We have the right people with the right skills in the right roles, a team that combines Purdue expertise with substantial experience from a cross-section of major pharmaceutical companies.

Purdue has generated outstanding commercial success in the pain management and primary care markets. Today, we are growing our business beyond pain medicine, and seeking business development partners who share our commitment to delivering value-based products to the healthcare system in all therapeutic areas. With our combined talents, leveraged by innovative partnerships, we look forward to new growth fueled by healthcare breakthroughs in new markets that will make a difference for patients.

Alan Butcher

J. Alan Butcher

Head of Licensing & Business Development

  • Joined Purdue in April 2015
  • Previously VP of Business Development at Shire Pharmaceuticals
  • Past experience at Endo Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Jean-Jacques Charhon

Jean-Jacques “JJ” Charhon

Chief Financial Officer

  • Joined Purdue in 2015
  • Previously with Cnova, Hewlett-Packard, GE, and Novartis
Stuart D. Baker

Stuart D. Baker

Counsel to the Board of Directors

  • Joined Purdue in 1994
Gail Cawkwell

Gail Cawkwell, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer

  • Joined Purdue in 2014
  • Previously VP in the Medicines Development Group at Pfizer
Philip C. Strassburger

Philip C. Strassburger

Senior Vice President, Intellectual Property & Litigation

  • Joined Purdue in 1999
  • Previously with Pfizer
David Lundie

David Lundie

Head of Technical Operations (US) and Technical Operations Director (Rest of World)

  • Joined Purdue in 2004
  • Previously with Élan Pharmaceuticals

Margaret Feltz

Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer

  • Joined Purdue in 2004
  • Previously with Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Edward B. Mahony

Edward B. Mahony

Head of Due Diligence & Integration Management

  • Joined Purdue in 1993
  • Previously with Bristol-Myers Squibb

Maria A. Barton

General Counsel

  • Joined Purdue in 2016
  • Previously with Latham & Watkins, New York