Track Record & Capabilities

Purdue has a proven track record in the healthcare market for building brands that maintain leading positions. Companies that partner with Purdue can leverage our core competencies in product development and commercialization to bring future breakthroughs to the market that we anticipate will advance medicine and improve healthcare for patients.

Purdue, a private company founded by physicians, has 978 US employees, including a 300-person sales force in the field. More than one third of our sales representatives have more than 10 years of service—and all can sell what others might regard as “tough” products. We have a lean operating structure and demonstrated capabilities to navigate unique and complex product challenges. In addition, Purdue has deep experience in market access strategies, and we work with partners to determine which factors (e.g., differential contracting, payer micro-segmentation) are most appropriate for the success of each product.

For more information on reasons to partner with Purdue, including data and details about our track record and capabilities, contact the Licensing & Business Development Team at