Drug-Free Workplace Employment Policy

The Company is covered by the Drug-Free Workplace Act as a “responsible source” for the award of federal contracts. The law requires measures to prohibit illegal use, possession or dispensing of controlled substances by employees at any location where the Company does business. As the Company manufactures and markets legal controlled substances, our compliance with such law is essential.

For these reasons, the applicant must cooperate in providing a urine sample upon request of the Company. Employment, if offered, is conditioned upon negative test results. Controlled substances which may be tested for include:

  • Narcotics (heroin, morphine, etc.)
  • Cannabis (marijuana, hashish)
  • Stimulants (cocaine, amphetamines, etc.)
  • Depressants (tranquilizers)
  • Hallucinogens (PCP, LSD, “designer drugs,” etc.)

A urine test sample will be taken by appointment at a medical office or clinic of our choice. You will not be directly observed in giving the urine sample, but security procedures will be used to assure the identity and integrity of the test sample. The urine sample will be sent to a licensed qualified laboratory for testing.

In the event of an initial positive result, confirmation by additional testing using reliable methodology will be done. If we deem the results to be uncertain, a new urine sample for retesting may be requested at our sole discretion. However, if the test results are confirmed positive for illegal or non-prescribed substances, any offer of employment, which may have been made, will be withdrawn. The applicant will be given a copy of confirmed positive test results. The results of the test are confidential and will not be given out to any other person.

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