Purdue Pharma L.P. Honored for Youth Prevention Efforts

FARMINGTON, CT, October 26 — Honored for its strong commitment to keeping Connecticut’s youth safe, successful and drug-free, Purdue Pharma L.P. received the Leadership Award at the 20th Annual Governor’s Luncheon held by The Governor’s Prevention Partnership Oct. 20 at the Hartford Marriott Farmington. The award recognizes Purdue for its dedication to making a real difference in keeping Connecticut’s youth off drugs specifically through its funding and support of Regional Action Councils (RACs) across the state.

“Purdue has been a strong supporter of our efforts both financially and by committing time to our goal of keeping Connecticut’s youth drug-free,” said Jill K. Spineti, President and CEO of The Governor’s Prevention Partnership. “Their support has made it possible to do local work in communities across the state where we have achieved strong results. We’re honored to have Alan Must, Vice President for State, Government and Legislative Affairs of Purdue, serve on our board of directors and his support – along with the support of his company — has been invaluable.”

Funds from Purdue administered by The Partnership were used by 12 RACs covering Connecticut with the goal of educating and empowering adult influencers who are in positions to help prevent abuse of prescription drugs by youth. RAC efforts in the past year resulted in training approximately 500 adult influencers including parents, police, educators, clergy and other youth-serving professionals. These 500 trained influencers are reaching an estimated 5,000 additional influencers in 70 Connecticut communities.

Additionally, through Purdue’s support, public service announcements were distributed through Comcast and a billboard was placed that was seen by more than 250,000 people each month. Also, media kits were distributed in 60 communities.

“It’s an honor to give back to the community and to be part of the fight to keep Connecticut’s kids healthy and drug-free,” said Must. “Our company is deeply committed to increasing awareness of the dangers of abusing medications and to supporting prevention programs that help our youth resist drug abuse. We’re deeply honored to be receiving this award from The Governor’s Prevention Partnership.”

The annual Governor’s Luncheon recognizes companies and community leaders that have stepped up to build a strong healthy future workforce through leadership in mentoring and in creating a strong learning environment including prevention of bullying, alcohol and drug use. The event attracts over 200 business leaders, state officials, educators and community activists.

“Connecticut’s youth face an unprecedented series of dangers – drugs and alcohol, bullying, lack of positive role models – and Connecticut’s leaders from the public and private sectors – like Purdue — have chosen to stand up and help,” Spineti added. “We are building the tools needed to keep Connecticut’s youth safe, successful and drug free so they can become part of a successful workforce tomorrow. A lot remains to be done, but we are succeeding and it’s because of leaders like Purdue, Alan Must and the many others who have chosen to support The Governor’s Prevention Partnership and the youth of Connecticut that we have come so far.”

With a focus on Connecticut’s youth, the Governor’s Prevention Partnership is a statewide public-private alliance, building a strong, healthy workforce through leadership in mentoring, and prevention of violence and bullying, underage drinking, alcohol and drug abuse.

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