Partnering With Purdue Pharma

Purdue is dedicated to collaborating with new partners and pursuing novel therapies to advance medical science and patient care

Purdue Pharma, a private company founded by physicians, has been a pioneer in healthcare for decades. We are actively seeking innovative partnerships to collaborate on developing and commercializing new therapies that will fulfill unmet needs in healthcare. We’re in the midst of unprecedented changes in the healthcare environment. As we think strategically about how to meet new challenges in medicine, we welcome the opportunity to learn about emerging drug discovery, technology-enabling solutions for patient care, and data-driven ideas.

Purdue has built and maintained a leadership position in pain management. Now, we look forward to applying this expertise to new therapeutic areas, in collaboration with new partners. Our goal is to make a difference on several healthcare fronts by introducing value-based products across the continuum of care while continuing our legacy in pain management. We are looking to build long-term relationships with innovative organizations who want to partner with Purdue on that journey.

Partnering with Purdue