Open to Innovative Products
& Partnerships

Purdue is evolving from an organization that historically innovated from within toward an organization that looks beyond its walls for new business opportunities. We seek novel disease targets, experimental products, and enabling technologies that offer the promise of improved treatments for patients. We also seek marketed or late-stage products with franchise-building potential that can make a difference for healthcare professionals and their patients.

Focusing on Value-Based Products to Improve Healthcare

We focus on delivering products that provide value to the healthcare system, and we use new value-based screening metrics to evaluate licensing and business development proposals. For example, we evaluate a product idea for more than its potential efficacy. We ask: Will this therapy do more than the current standard of care?

Therapeutically Agnostic in Evaluation of Attractive Partnering Opportunities

Purdue is diversifying its portfolio beyond pain medicine. We are therapeutically agnostic, meaning that we are open to products and partnerships that are not restricted to any one disease state or therapeutic category. Purdue is now evaluating opportunities across the continuum of care—for diseases treated by healthcare professionals in primary care and/or a range of medical specialties.

As a Private Company, Purdue Can Offer a More Innovative and Flexible Partnership

  • Nimble and agile interactions with flexibility around timing
  • Uniquely capable and open to executing innovative deal structures
  • Greater tolerance for financial and/or business risk

What can potential partners expect from Purdue?